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Hi Doc - Did you know that OVER 90% of prospective patients FIRST SEARCH ON GOOGLE and look over the listed practices AND their online reviews/reputation before considering your office?

The patient is NO LONGER just choosing the practice who shows up highest in the Google search results or on Google Maps.


It is the practice that show up with the MOST AND BEST REVIEWS that WIN OVER that prospective patient.


Ask yourself this question: “Who would you chose?”:

(1) The practice showing up higher on page 1 for the search term 'chiropractic',
(2) The practice that has social proof (from massive positive reviews) showing that they are the most reputable and popular.

Patients choose #2 - the practice who has the best and most reviews (reputation).    


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Is there any SOCIAL PROOF online that shows patients prefer your practice over your competition?

Is there proof that you are the leader in chiropractic care by word of mouth, by the buzz that your patients are creating by giving you stellar reviews online!?  (or do you show up in the google search results at all??)

Tens of Thousands local business owners have no idea about the massive effect online reviews create and how lacking an online reputation leaks potential customers away from them every single day.

By having this simple marketing tip in place you will be able to stay ahead of your chiropractic competition…..they will not know what hit them!!

In as little as a DAY – you can position your practice as the MARKET LEADER (the trusted and proven chiropractor to go to) in front of thousands of your LOCAL potential patients with a solid 5 star reputation…

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We are sharing our secret quick-and-easy process that will give you AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition. 

EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT INTERNET/ONLINE MARKETING!  We reveal everything you need to know here.

  Look at These Trends:
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews AS MUCH AS personal recommendations.
  • 67% of consumers READ ONLINE REVIEWS of local businesses BEFORE considering their services.
  • 70% of consumers trust a business with a minimum of 6 to 10 reviews.  (You will most likely lose customers to a competitor with positive reviews if you have few to no reviews online)
  • Most consumers look up 6 to 10 reviews BEFORE making a decision.
  • 97%+ of consumers looking for a particular business will "GOOGLE IT" online first to see its reputation before choosing them.

It is very rare this day to find people who do not check online reviews before engaging in an important business transaction. 

Scanning through reviews in Google is a necessary habit by nearly all of us when we are shopping to avoid falling victim to terrible products or horrible service.

The average consumer (and patient!) wants to be certain they are getting the best service when making a purchase.

They do this by reading online reviews. (social proof)

If little to no reviews are found, a rational consumer will decide to refrain from the purchase and chose someone else.

  We Have Discovered that Businesses RANK HIGHER in the GOOGLE Search Results WHEN THEY GET MORE REVIEWS!

In the latest changes to Google’s search engine, online Google reviews are a MAJOR FACTOR for ranking higher in the search page results, not only for the Maps results, but also for your practice’s website.

For example: We have seen one of our clients on page 9 of the Google search results, literally non-existent to anyone searching online, and then jump to the top of page 1 results - simply by accumulating a good quantity of genuine Google reviews.


Discover how building (easily and quickly) a powerful, positive online reputation can give you MORE NEW PATIENTS and position you as the CHIROPRACTIC LEADER in your town!

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